DISEASES IN POULTRY. One of the major causes of lose in poultry farming is the breakout of diseases. The are mostly caused bacteria that survive mostly in moist areas. Today i would like to focus on this two diseases. New castle. Fowl pox. New castle. This disease affects chicken together with other tame birds like... Continue Reading →



Kenchic is one of the most successful poultry brands in East Africa. It offers its services through out Kenya in major cities and towns like Nairobi, kisumu, thika, nakuru, nyeri, meru, mombasa, in zambia in the towns ndola, kitwe, lusaka and Tanzania. The company offers a variety of products and services: 1: day old chicks.... Continue Reading →


Housing structures are mostly influenced by the size of your enterprise. There are either indoor structures or outdoor. There are important aspects, however, of both the large scale and small scale chicken farming. temperature. It is important to note that before settling chicks into there structure it should have been warmed through out the previous... Continue Reading →


This being my first post, i want to inform you more about the type of chicken kept in Kenya,specifically indigenous (commonly known as kienyeji). The types are KARI Kienyeji, kuroiler, ken-bro, the rainbow rooster and the KARI Improved. As a good Kenyan poultry farmer you should be able to have know this different types according... Continue Reading →

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