Vaccination procedure

Over the previous posts, poultry by Beverly has offers a lot of guides on how to make your farming easier. a previous post shows that before buying chicks for raring you need to make sure that they are vaccinated. Today lets look at how we can vaccinate our own poultry and thus save a lot... Continue Reading →


Disease avoidance strategies.

Avoidance is truly better than cure. In poultry keeping this is very common with young chicks being mostly vulnerable. Losses can even be bigger with the bird being mature in age since a lot of finances and time has been invested in them. Pest control. Many pests like mosquitoes, flies, beetles transmitted diseases such as... Continue Reading →

Turkey keeping basics.

This time tells look into turkey keeping, I intend to look deeper into the essentials in turkey keeping  in parts, that is, turkey eggs, poult raring, turkey companies/farms, diseases, feeds and housing structures. if your company/farm falls in any of this categories and would like to be featured, kindly send an email to The... Continue Reading →

Mites,lice & tick control.

An increase in insect pests will without a doubt led to incredible losses in your farm. this pests are very common in farms and are spread by an introduction of a new flock to the farm, or if your farm is close to wildlife they can easily be infected. today lets talk signs, ways they... Continue Reading →

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